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Who better to know the city and the Grand Geneva than a taxi ? Quality service and fast through our fleet of over 250+ taxis, with operational service 24h / 24 and 7/7.

Our drivers run in a performing for more than 30 years toward all destinations in Geneva, Switzerland or Europe.

Letters, small packages, large package, documents legalization, luggages, medical equipment, blood tests, organ...

30-day billing service is available for professional service.
Dear client, to book this service, please use our online form, call us on 022 3 202 202 or write us an email at

Any questions ?

  • Can I ask you to deliver me a dish, make my comissions, do the courier ?

    Yes, we do all home delivery service with taxi meter on to calculate the price.
  • Do you have permission to cross the border ?

    Yes, provided that part of the ride is done in Switzerland.
  • Did you accept the cash in euro, usd dollars or other currencies ?

    Yes, we accept them upon request.
  • When must I pay for the transfer service ?

    The payment must be made at the end of the ride, directly to the driver.
  • Can I take my pet with me, inside the car (dogs, cats, rabbits...) ?

    Yes, we can transport your pets, provided you inform us upon your confirmation, mentioning the type of animal.
  • Do you accept credit cards ?

    Yes, we accept several diferente types of credit cards, but you must previously inform us when you contact the call center.
  • How can I know the price to be paid for a specific transfer ?

    You can know the exact price to be paid by contacting our call center.
  • Do you accept invoicing of transfer services with prolonged payments ?

    Yes, we accept but only for established companies in Switzerland through a previous contact and mutual agreement with us.
  • Do you provide the services of professional women drivers ?

    Yes, we have professional feminin licenced drives that can provide services in diferente types of vehicles.
  • What are the extra tax rates for luggage ?

    A suitcase with the maximum weight up to 30 Kgs, the extra cost is CHF 1,50. A suitcase that weighs over 30 Kgs, the extra cost is CHF 3,00.

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